June 18th, 2003


Unofficial Withdrawal Notice

So I'm kinda freaking out. I got an email today saying that the first run of grades showed that I got no credit for any of the classes I was in this last quarter?!! Have some grades just not been posted? I don't know how I could not get credit when I did all the required work.

It says I can show paperwork (like last test or assignment) to prove that I was in the class... but I already recycled all of them. :(

Help?! I don't know what to do. :(

Graduation Gift Exchange

Anyone interested in starting a graduation gift exchange? Anyone get some stuff/crap that they just aren't interested in and want to trade for something else?

I'll start it off...

I have a $250 gift certificate to Meier and Frank that I don't see myself using any time soon (nearest Meier and Frank = Vancouver/Portland). Anyone want to trade for it?

Financial aid

Anyone else get this e-mail from financial aid?
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This is what is says under my Financial Aid status page:
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What the hell? I'm going out of town tonight so I can't deal with this until Monday when classes start. What's up with not disbursing aid until the day classes start anyways?

Still only one grade out of three posted too...
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Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else feel a little bit shafted that their new UW account would be in some inane domain like "myuw.net"? Why the hell doesn't it say "alumni.washington.edu" or "alumni.u.washington.edu" or "alumni.something"? I hate MYUW and I hate the thought of my e-mail having that in it.

Just FYI, I am not without perspective. I do realize that I could just move on, use a different service and ignore the issue altogether. I, however, choose to dwell :-)
I just think that since they've gone to the effort of creating something for the alumni and others who have been associated with the UW that they could have been more human and thoughtful and less one-size-fits-all about the name.


About MyUW.net

MyUW.net provides people associated with the University of
Washington with personal email services and, if they choose,
Web publishing and dial-in modem service.

MyUW.net is your way to have a permanent personal email
address and Web site and to continue your connection with the
University of Washington and the many benefits and
opportunities it offers.

Accounts are available in two types:

Full accounts offer comprehensive services, including

  • Dial-in modem access

  • 100MB of storage space

  • Choice of WebPine or email client

  • Web publishing

  • Unix shell access

  • Technical support

  • UW news server access

  • MyUW access with its many personalized services and features

  • Click on the Sign Up Now!
    link to join (Prices).

Basic accounts provide

  • Email access through WebPine

  • 2MB of storage space

  • MyUW access

  • Click here to configure your free basic service.

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is anyone taking crisis communications in the fall with fearn-banks? i have a brand new copy of the book that i'd be willing to sell for 25 bucks...(bookstore sells new for 37 and used for 28). if you're interested, lemme know, i live around the area so you could come pick it up.