June 11th, 2003

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Washington coach Neuheisel reportedly fired

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Washington coach Neuheisel reportedly fired, June 11, 2003

SEATTLE (Ticker) - Rick Neuheisel reportedly is out as football coach at the University of Washington.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Neuheisel was fired Tuesday by athletic director Barbara Hedges for breaking NCAA rules prohibiting gambling. According to numerous reports, Neuheisel has admitted to entering high-stakes gambling pools during the last two NCAA men's basketball tournaments.

The newspaper said Keith Gilbertson, the Huskies' offensive coordinator, would be named the team's interim coach and that the rest of the staff would be retained. "I don't know either of those things," Gilbertson told the paper. "I have not spoken to (Hedges) about that at all. I'd tell you if I had." Neuheisel did not return a call for comment Tuesday night, the paper said.

According to the paper, Neuheisel invested $6,400 and won $12,123 during his two years participating in the pools. NCAA bylaw 10.3 prohibits athletic department employees and student-athletes from gambling.

Neuheisel went 33-15 in four years at Washington. Prior to coaching the Huskies, Neuheisel went 33-14 with Colorado from 1995-98.
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SPJ Forum Scheduled for June 12

The panel discussion will be held on Thursday, June 12, 7-9 p.m. at the Seattle Times Auditorium, Fairview and John in Seattle. Free. (be sure to show up early to socialize.)

There are over 20 newspapers published in Seattle in languages other than English. Local schools deal with children speaking more than three dozen languages in their ESL programs, and even that doesn't reflect the growing cultural diversity of the area.

Newspeople in the Seattle area face an increasing challenges to be inclusive in the way we cover our region. How can reporters and other journalists can better reach and reach out to underserved ethnic communities? Specifically, how we can cover news that is of concern to the diverse communities? How do we find sources and information to better include them in news and feature stories in the area.

The Western Washington Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will wrap up their series of public interest presentations for the season with a panel discussion on including the area's diverse ethnic communities.

The panelists are Pramila Jayapal, exec. director of the Hate Free Zone project, Naomi Ishisaka, editor of Colors NW magazine and a representative of the Idriss Mosque in north Seattle. Seattle Times reporter Leslie Fulbright will moderate the discussion. Fulbright, who moved here from the SF Bay Area, covers social issues out of the Bellevue bureau.

More info: www.spjwash.org
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Available immediately!

Two males are looking for a third, either a male or female, roommate to sublet a room in a three-bedroom townhouse, located on Capitol Hill. Rent free through the end of June; afterwards $500/month, plus 1/3 utilities.

If interested, please call (206) 329-5368 or (206) 354-3071.

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Dear LORD I'm impatient to get my grades. C'mon, for two of my classes it's been a week since our last day -- let's get cracking!

Anyone else around here taking summer quarter? I'm taking ten credits A term (Latin 101 and Ling 461) and five B term (Engl senior seminar). MAN I hope I'm not going to be killing myself with this...

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if any of you have been reading the stranger lately about scab man spottings around Seattle or the previous post- I think I saw him today!! he tried to bum change from me and when I said I had none he mumbled offensive things to me- something a long the lines of i think i'm the shit by not giving him change he knows i have it or something?? I dunno. So then he goes on to ask others and I look and OH GOD THE HORROR ON HIS NECK!!!! Looked like something had mauled his neck and it was fleshy and something was up with the back of his head to. *shudder* gross! But for some reason I always thought he was a caucasian bum- he's african american so I was takin off gaurd. Why did I think that? no idea!
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