June 10th, 2003

omega tetris

"Outstanding Student Honor Society"

Somebody did some interesting research on the Outstanding Student Honor Society, e-mails from which many of us have been getting.

One of my students asked me about this and I read through their website and found numerous grammar errors and odd word choices and constructions. I checked their address in Sunnyvale, California, and it is an office building outside of San Jose. When I called one of the other businesses to ask if they could tell me who occupied Suite 210 (since a reverse directory search listed neither "Outstanding Student Consortium" nor "Outstanding Student Honor Society" in this building) I was told there was no such suite as 210. Their fax number, 360-368-8939 is for a number in western Washington, not matching their business address. When you call this number you get a voice that does not identify the company or organization. None of the standard reverse telephone number directories identifies this number--it is clearly unlisted. It appears to be an unlisted cell phone, since no town in the 360- area code uses the 368 prefix. Google and MSN searches come up blank when looking for the names of this supposed organization, which if it were a national organization of any type one would expect several hits.