June 5th, 2003



So I just got my offer of award for 2003-2004. However, it says I'm only being offered financial aid for Summer quarter. My question is whether or not they calculate summer aid before everything else. Will I receive an offer for Autumn through Spring later, or should I start worrying?
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There are were 2 men swimming in the fountain as of 12:20pm...is this an common occurence now (referring to the naked jogger the other day) that the water in the fountain is "clean"?

it's not like i don't like to have fun too

i'm down with streaking, and jumping in the fountain, and all that summertime fun. but water-balloon fights at the south entrance to the quad during passing period (12:20pm)? i'm not down with that. i didn't get hit, but the guys with super-soakers and backpacks full of balloons didn't really seem to care about the ton of people trying to get through there who probably would rather not get soaked. am i the only one who thinks it's not unreasonable to wait until there aren't tons of people there, or at least take it someplace where people can actually avoid being in the crossfire? eh, it just annoyed me.
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Course Evaluations

I really dislike filling out course evaluations. It just seems so pointless. Sure, we can look up the numbers online for a specific class or prof, but what I'd really like to know is what people write on those yellow sheets. I want the juicy details. ;)

I'm working on a class rating system for U-Match.net for next school year. These are going to be student-to-student evaluations, not student-to-administration or student-to-professor (which is what we currently have =P). This is about taking word-of-mouth and putting it online. This is about making those yellow sheets public. I'm trying to figure out what kind of format the rating system should be though. So my question to everyone here is: What are you interested in knowing about classes and professors? What kind of questions would you ask your friend if they had taken the class before? I've been browsing through other sites, like RateMyProfessors.com, which has an "appearance" rating. heh. Now I've never had a "hot" prof before. Maybe a cute TA, but that's about it, though I don't think that would influence me to enroll in a class. Also, I stumbled upon this Rate Your Professor site that some frat made. Apparently they got in trouble and had to censor some of the ratings students had written (they were even threatened with legal action). Hmm, interesting... there are many political ramifications to think about here, heheh.

So, suggestions anyone? Any good ideas? What would everyone like to see? Share your thoughts. =)
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I really couldn't care less about sports, but this is kind of interesting...

Coach Rick Neuheisel (UW's football coach for you other non-sporties) was caught betting on other college teams.

I guess he made $20k off of it....so I guess he might be fired now.

I mean I think it is aok, I mean it is hard to live decent with only making $1.2million a year....

So yeah, I personally think it is bad that a College Coach is betting on other college teams, even if it is in fun (yeah I wish I could throw around thousands of dollars for fun)...