June 4th, 2003


I am coming up from vancouver on July 10 to go to one of the tansfer thursdays, check out the art department, etc...anyway, what are some particular things I should check out in seattle to get a feel for whether I really like the place? I've been there a few times, seen the space needle and pacific science center and stuff like that, and wandered around a while. I'm just wondering if there is any focus I can bring to my wanderings this time.

And some random questions:

That monorail thing....is that a useful part of the transit system that you can ride with the u-pass? Or is it mostly just a touristy thing?

What kind of bookstores are inthe downtown area? I know there won't be anything quite like Powell's books down here in portland...but what's the main place? Barnes & noble? How about Art supply stores?
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Yesterday, a streaker in the quad; today, a couple of girls were swimming in the Drumheller fountain when I was on my way home. (Anyone know them?) I stopped and asked them what they were thinking. They said that since the fountain had just been cleaned, it would be their only opportunity to ever swim in it, and besides it was hot out. I think all the nice weather is making people nuts!
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A hundred people just jumped into Drumheller fountain. They're probably still there. That includes a bunch of various dorms, and what looked like an entire fraternity and sorority.

After all, Drumheller will never be any cleaner. And it is quite nice, especially with the crunch for finals and weather we've been having.

Oh....the water itself isn't THAT bad. It's quite clean, and there's only a faint smell (nothing horribly bad).

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