June 1st, 2003

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You know the guy who died after falling off of a balcony on frat row last year right?

Well now his parents are suing, saying it is the frat, "encouraged a culture of binge drinking." DUH!

I am sorry for his death, but suing the frat is plain dumb. He could have said no, he could have not been on the balcony. It is not like he died from being forced to drink too much beer (or too much water) Why does a death like this always have to be someone else’s fault? Why can’t a person get drunk, act dumb, kill themselves, people feel bad, and they are happily remembered?

The family says all, "they really want is for all fraternities to shift the focus of social get-togethers away from alcohol." Right...take the alcohol away from frats, that is going to happen.

I know tons of people, who don’t drink alcohol, and sure they get pressured every so often (i.e. when I am drunk and see them not drinking), but they have the will power to say no (ANYONE has the ability to say no...no matter what the situation). And after being drunk, a person is still responsible for their actions. Maybe if the lawsuit stated that drunken people shouldn't be on the balcony, it would be a bit more reasonable.