May 30th, 2003

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I am sure everyone has gotten\will get the e-mail from the Pres of the UW about SARS.

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of this SARS stuff? Not that many people die from it, and most are elderly. (don't get me wrong, death is bad, but SARS doesn't need to be made into a BIG deal)

PLUS, does this interim pres really think any student is really going to read a two page e-mail about SARS? (I copied and pasted into Word to see, full two pages...and yes I am avoiding studying, thank you)

Anyone want to give me a run down about what it says? I am sure it just is covering the UW's ass if an outbreak happens here, they can say they did something to try to prevent it!
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kids on the ave

They're playing a movie called "KIDS ON THE AVE" at 3:30 in Gould 240. I don't know much more about it than that, but it could be cool—the way it was presented made me think it's about our local "Ave".
Gulf of Mexico

Let there be water!

Between noon yesterday and noon today, Drumheller Fountain COMPLETELY filled. What is up with that? Is it fixed? How did it take them three weeks to drain it, and only one to fill it?
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free boxes

Ok all you moving students:
I have a ton of cardboard boxes to get rid of. They are clean and all sizes, some flattened, some not. I also have some packing materials. Free to all comers; located on the edge of the University District/Wallingford. Email me for location & to pick up:
phoebe @
thank you!