May 22nd, 2003

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In need of advice...

I was wondering which is better: classics 210 or 320, of sociology 110. I am registering tomorrow(unfortunately) and I have no idea what to take for my third class besides spanish and math...Any suggestions would be appreciated...

I did look through the catalog and found open classes such as: com 201, dance 111, ess 102, geog 123, hist 111, relig 220, sis 123, and phil 100. If any of these are better than soc or classics, let me know.

(I have no idea what I want to major in either.)
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has anyone taken an internet course at the UW? if so was it that much of a hassle?
also, if ur walking through suzzello(sp?) stop by the room w/ the mocha stand, cause they're showing neat artwork in there.