May 21st, 2003

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Does anyone know of a good forum for used furniture? I'm looking for a computer desk. So far I've exhausted the minimal listings in the HUB and am looking for other choices.

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Jason Webley

Does anyone know what happened to Jason Webley, the accordeon player/singer who came to campus sometimes? Has he gotten too big to come to the Red Square? Where can I listen to him?

Help out a fellow student!

My friend Michelle is putting together a book of stories, poetry, songs, pictures and any other way of personal expression that you might choose to do about your experiences with violence in your life. It's a final project for our Women and Violence class and it's open to all students.

She is requesting that anyone out there who reads this, women and men, who have had an experience with violence and would like to contribute a personal piece to this book to do so. Everything can be submitted anonymously to an envelope outside Tamara's office in PDL B-110. Or you can e-mail Michelle directly (but that wouldn't be so anonymous), @
If you would like to submit something please do so by May 30th or by the latest June 4th.

Therapy through expression is one of the main ideas so include anything you think would be appropriate. The book will be on display somewhere in the Women Studies Department after the assignment is graded for future students to look at.
Any ?'s...comment here or e-mail Michelle.