May 14th, 2003

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But what about Italian 101?

Yeah... so I'll join in and ask about the 100 level Italian series. I don't know any Italian right now- but I will soon. This summer I plan on living there for three months. For all of August, I'm going to be taking some heavy duty language classes (but that's only for one month).

So, how hard is Italian 101? Do you think that it's a possibility to place out of it? Or, if I can somehow get out of it by showing that I've taken a class (heh for a month), should I try? I just wouldn't want to screw myself over by the time 102 came around....

.::Hey All::.

[two-comm. spanning post]

I'm new to both this community, as well as the school, I'll be a freshman begining next fall qr.

When it comes to housing for freshman, I decided to sign up for the Freshman.Interest.Group., because it seemed like a good decision.

What's your review of the FIG ordeal?

masha b.
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Residential FIGs/International Houses?

I'm updating my online residence app. It asks if I would like to be in a "special interest" house, and then gives me a few options: SAFE house (drug free), International House, and FIG.

On the FIG webpage, it says that information about fall FIGs is not yet available.

Do I have to choose now, if I want to be in one? I don't even know what my choices are yet! Should I go ahead and select "FIG" anyway?

Also, has anyone heard of or lived in an "International House"? Is it a good idea?
I will probably be an International Studies/Japanese major, that's why I'm wondering...


Ok. I need to analyze a script out there for my drama class, but I need to find a play first. So, question to all you drama people. Or even non drama people, for that matter.

What plays out there have to do with the dysfunctionality of today's society? Or what plays have you seen or read about and then realized that no matter how fucked up it was, it was a perfect mirror image of what was going on in today's society? Overall, intellectually stimulating/challenging material is what I'm looking for. Any suggestions appreciated.
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