May 13th, 2003

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What's was going on in Red Square tonight? I've been in Odegaard and they've been telling everybody not to leave via the front door until just now. In that typical Seattle way, nobody's mentioned why we couldn't leave via that exit, though the police were definitely involved.
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Preview your Autumn schedule now

Everybody loves Visual Schedule, at least I do. The only problem with it is that it only shows you classes you've already enrolled in.

So I've written a little script called Schedule Builder that lets you build your own weekly schedule with whatever content you want. You can even add classes to it by SLN. And when you're done, you can post your schedule on your LiveJournal or finalize it and print it out.

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Please let me know if anything is broken.


hope no one gets annoyed with all these "anyone taken this class?" posts, but nonetheless... has anyone taken Portuguese 101? i was wondering how the class is for someone who hasn't had any exposure outside of listening to some bossa nova. i like and am good at french (as opposed to german, which i hate), but i hated having to learn so many verb tenses as i moved on in french. is there much of that stuff in first-year portuguese?

thanks in advance.

ENGL 381

Has anyone taken ENGL 381 and could give me a specific picture of the course load? It appeals to me because it satisifies VLPA and a writing requirement for my major, but at the same time I'm a little afraid of anything in the Department of English....