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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003

Time:1:04 am.
Get your submissions in for the 5th Annual Student Film Festival! The deadline is May 13th.

All the details.
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Subject:Genius Alert!
Time:11:46 am.
According to Right Turn, "The U.S. has no offensive bioweapons effort," anti-war politicians are probably on the Iraqi payroll, and "Iraqi efforts in support of international terror...may have included TWA 800 and the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, as well as the anthrax [attacks]."

This is the calibre of intellect that the "Right" has to offer?

Right Turn must have missed the memos...The US produces more bio/chemical weapons than the rest of the world, the US has used chemical weapons in the form of pesticides (Agent Orange) against its enemies, the NTSB (after an exhaustive investigation in the public spotlight) determined that TWA 800 went down due to a ruptured fuel tank, and the Federal Building was bombed by a couple of white guys from Michigan.
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Subject:Washed Stickers Update:
Time:2:07 pm.
Just to let you all know I went to the ID office today to get my U-Pass sticker and current enrollment sticker after washing my UW ID in the laundry. Because it was obvious that I was telling the truth and I had pieces of the stickers with me, I got them replaced for free. She even took the pieces and taped them to the form you have to fill out.
But, I assume if I didn't have the evidence I would have had to pay the fees.
Just a FYI.
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Subject:xposted to ~seattle
Time:8:27 pm.

On May 7th (today) at approx 3:10pm North bound on 11th Avenue between 43rd Avenue and 45th Avenue in University District there was a hit and run accident near the Shell Gas Station between a black Mazda van (the car that was hit) and a 1980s Black Z (hit and runner).

The Black Z then cut in front of the Mazda, cut through the Shell Station parking lot, and went on 45th Avenue East bound and sped far and away.

There was a temporary license plate # in the window, but due to the fact that the windows were tinted to an extremely dark color I wasn't able to get the license number in time. There was no actual license plate on the Black Z.

If you have any information or were a witness, please comment here or email me at stardust@minuit.org. Thank you.
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