May 5th, 2003

Early Fall Start

i'm curious about good/bad experiences with EFS. for the most part, i've heard it's fun, but i'm still hesitant. is there much to do around campus even though regular session hasn't started yet? which dorm do EFS kids live in and do you stay in the same room for the regular school year? is it pretty easy to meet people? do they scheduled activities for down time, since you only have one class? and how are the classes? fun/interesting/difficult? any input is appreciated.

  • jameth

(no subject)

Please Note: Access to this Website is Blocked.

These workstations are for educational or research purposes only.
Game playing, email, and other recreational uses are restricted.

well, that's a load of crap. i think it's funny how they only blocked yahoo mail and hotmail. they should block LJ too. LoL.
  • cow

(no subject)

Today's free soft drink question at Pagliacci's on the Ave:

Fill in the blank: "Silly Rabbit, ____ are for Kids!"

I was gonna post and say that y'all should go get your free soda by 11, since anyone who doesn't know that lives in a cave, right? except the guy in front of me got it wrong. Oops.