April 23rd, 2003

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Oh wow.

Sometimes, I absolutly CANNOT believe how sleazy the administration at this University is.

They email THIS crap out at midnight during midterms.

I don't know about any of YOU, but I'm a former running start kid who found that the Administration was unaccomodating when it came to discussing which transfer courses counted for what credit, and screwed me out of a year. I WOULD NOT have gone to this University if I wasn't promised that my running start credits would do nothing but help me.

They're absolutly EVIL.
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dumb and most dumberest

ever get the feeling that you're getting dumber? school is really starting to get to me and i've been getting that "becoming stupid" feeling. i haven't been senioritising much i guess that might be the alternative to senioritising
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So, today was Day of Reflection, a day to spend time reflecting on and discussing the events in Iraq in class. All of my professors, however, after acknowledging that it was in fact a Day of Reflection, decided that they would rather ignore it and proceed with the curriculum.

What were your experiences regarding Day of Reflection?

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Does anyone know how to publish a site they made with dreamweaver or frontpage on their UW account? I configured both how it told me to and set up the KFTP proxy, but frontpage wouldn't work when I tried to publish. And I don't know how to publish using dreamweaver. If anyone could help me or send me in the right direction of where I could find help, that would great. thanks