April 20th, 2003

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I just got a letter from the King County TB Disease Control Officer.

It says that it has come to their attention "that a person at the University of Washington has recently been identified as having active Tuberculosis, and you have been identified as someone who has been in close contact with this person."

It doesn’t say who the person is, just goes on saying how if I don’t want to get sick, I should get tested for free on April 28th.

Did everyone get this letter? Maybe it was a student in one of my classes? A co-worker? I would imagine a friend would tell me what is up! The reason I am not worried is the letter is addressed "Dear Students and Staff" meaning that if this was more serious, I think they would at least run this through a Mail-Merge program to have my name on this....

So I think I will just ignore it for now and see what happens.

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has everyone heard of ratemyprofessor.com? read some entertaining ones on a couple of UW profs...at least they sympathized with what a crap professor norman (chem 142) was...grrr...anyway it's a good ref if you're not sure about profs and you want another reference besides the UW internal ratings.