April 15th, 2003


And you thought Rocky was just a cartoon...

There's nothing more exciting than having a squirrel take a flying leap right over your head.

I was sitting on the steps of the HUB this afternoon (Reading page after Page of Henry James...ohhhh...my head hurts), soaking up the sun and minding my own business, when Mr. Squirrel informs me I'm invading his personal space. Well not in so many words--more like he ran circles around me and performed a couple of high jumps for emphasis, all with a Pagliacci napkin the size of his head stuffed in his mouth. He didn't actually talk to me. I mean, come on. That would just be weird...
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I'm moving to a new place this Friday.
I need to say good byes to these!


If you see anything you like, e-mail me right away brothers and sisters.

(Right now I can give you some hot new tunes... BLUR/RADIOHEAD...)