April 14th, 2003

oh that does make sense


I am really curious about this guy (glasses, shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail) that walks around campus with fox ears on. One time, he had a tail, too!
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The mystery has been solved.

Thanks to a comment in the udub community, I found out who the guy is, why he wears the tail, and even an article on him.

He goes by the name of Alfador.

Using Google:

There is an Alfador in Seattle: http://www.cheeky.house.cx/~nemo/extras/UJloc/index.php

http://www.nion.us/signers/signersF.htm ---> Is it Brian?

The same Brian is a furry: http://www.xydexx.com/anthrofurry/olympian.htm

That's him!!!

Well, it was obvious, perhaps, why he wears the tail and ears. Alfador is an alter-ego for Brian. So if you see him, say hello to him. I think I should since I made him semi-famous on LJ.
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sorry for posting that last entry to the community...I didn't even realize I ever did that until my friend Im'd me and told me I did. Just another embarassing Kelly moment to add to the list :) By the way - thanks to whoever for deleting it!