April 7th, 2003


Did the Coca-Cola Company take this place over?

hi, i'm a transfer student and it's my first quarter here, and it seems that everywhere i go all i see is coke products. in the machines, in the stores, is there anywhere on this campus where you can get pepsi products? specifically say... dr. pepper or lipton brisk ice tea?

back at EdCC they had both pepsi and coke machines, but it seems i've transferred into a world where the battle between coke and pepsi has already been decided in coke's favor, or else pepsi has not yet attempted to expand into the territory. :\

it's not that i don't like any of the coke products. i enjoy the occasional yellow or pink lemonade, and i like the bottle that dasani comes it (not much else really matters for bottled water), and sprite is fine now and then...

but certain products just cannot be replaced with similar ones!

so... yeah... anywhere on campus have pepsi products? :P
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In case anyone saw some stupid-looking girl gracefully fall down the steps at the front entrance to the HUB around 1:30 this afternoon, that was me.

Just thought I'd share.
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