April 6th, 2003


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This just in:

"Due to recent RIAA activities, there will be a forum for residence hall students, and possibly the entire UW community at 6 PM on April 10 (Thursday) in the McMahon Pompeii Room (right next to 8). Topic of discussion will be Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

"Also will occur April 9 (Wednesday) at 6 PM in the Terry Husky Room."

The forum will be hosted by Clark Shores (Assistant Attorney General) and Catherine Innes (Director of Education Outreach from the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer). In other words, very important individuals.

Whether or not you live on campus, this affects YOU. Colleges and workplaces are begging to get hit by the RIAA and the DMCA for file sharing. There's even a US congressman that's recommending jail for file traders.

So it's up to you to attend, be informed, express yourself, and make a difference.