March 30th, 2003

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When we all go back to class starting tomorrow you will start to notice (hopefully) flyers around campus. We have now started our campus wide advertising of

U-Match will be advertised in different fashions throughout the quarter. From flyers, to sandwich board signs, to a banner, to classroom visits, and hopefully a ton of word of mouth. For this to be totally successful we can’t do this on our own!


The more students that join, the better it is for you! Please e-mail us at or comment to this post if you are willing to help us with any of the following:
  • Speak in front of a large lecture hall, giving a 2min talk about U-Match.
  • Help put up flyers where we have not done so.
  • Hook us up at the Daily? Rainy Dawg Radio? A Dept? A Club? Some place else that would advertise us.
  • Create more flyer designs (we currently only have two).
  • Just tell people about U-Match. You can even use our Super Hot Tell-A-Friend function.
  • If you live in a dorm, would you be willing to put a U-Match paper sign in your window, so people outside will see it?
  • Give us more ideas on how to spread the word of U-Match!
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