March 18th, 2003

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Senior Class Gift

Just got a letter in the mail from the UW asking that I give a donation as my Senior Class Gift.

Talk about deceiving...when I saw this in the mail, I thought the UW was giving ME a gift...

And they are like, "think of the impact we could make if each of us contributed a gift of even $25."

Right....they are asking people, who have just put in $30-40k for going to college and now they think that every person can easily give $25. We can even choose to give it to the Cherry Tree fund…SAVE THE CHERRY TREES!
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U-Match v2.0 -- Meet People From Your Classes!


So after working on U-Match for the past three months, we actually have something respectable up for spring quarter:


  • Match your schedule with other students!
  • Message boards for every class
  • Send personal "notes" to your classmates (even anonymous ones)
  • Personal profiles (website links, "about me," upload picture option)
  • Complete integration with the course catalog

Enjoy! =)

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