March 17th, 2003


ESC 460?

Anyone ever take ESC/ENVIR 460 (Institutionalizing Sustainable Ecological Practices)? I'm wondering if it's difficult or not, as there's no instructor course description offered. Course level often implies work load, but it doesn't necessarily have to, and I was hoping someone here knew what the classwork is like. And anyone know anything about the prof, Lee? Either way, though, gotta love the textbooks.
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Looking for some advice

I am a freshman. Each quarter I get into 2 really good classes, and then have trouble finding a third. This quarter I got into a simple ESC 110 internet class. I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on classes to take that are simple, open, and 5 credits. So far, I will be taking engl 131 and math 120. I am signed up for cse 143, but I am having so much trouble understanding and passing midterms in 142, that I think I probably won't get a good grade. Anyway, not like anyone cares, but does anyone know of any silly intro classes for Spring quarter besides the usual Soc 101 or whatever...
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