March 11th, 2003

Caitlin 2

Textbooks for sale!

Hey I have current(Spring 2003) textbooks available for sale. These are the courses:
ARCH 150
PHYS 207
CLAS 101
ESS 101
ESC 110

I also have past textbooks from ATM S 101 and CHEM 142 if you want them for references or just for the heck of it. Ask me for prices. Very reasonable. Most of them are brand new and I'll charge [A LOT] less than the U bookstore's used price.

(no subject)

A couple days ago, I was thinking to myself I should try to sell off a couple of my books for this quarter. I'm in a few communities around here, though, and most of them don't care for advertisements in that vein. I hear the word "spam" quite a bit. It seems like it's okay in here, but I'm wondering if people wouldn't prefer it if buying and selling advertisements were taken somewhere else.

If there's enough interest, I can go ahead and create a community where UW students can advertise books they want to unload, books they need, apartments for rent, or just about anything they want to buy or sell.


Edit: The votes are in and it's a resounding "not interested!"

In that case, I've got the Geary reader for HIST112 and I'm willing to unload it cheap! No textbook, though.
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