March 10th, 2003



Damn, how often do the classrooms get cleaned? I've been sitting next to the same pencil smears and coffee spill in Gowen 301 for at least three weeks now. I'm tempted to bring a rag and a bottle of 409 to class with me tomorrow.
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Books for sale?

I was just wondering if anybody wants to buy/sell some cheap textbooks?

My roommates and I have:
Textbooks for Bioanthropology 201, Philosophy 120, Math 120, Chem 120 (2 copies), Classics 430, Psych 201
& Major Works of Short Fiction, Lab book for Oceanography 101.

We want:
SISSE/HSTAS 221 (2 copies), Geography 100, SIS 202, GENOME 361.

Maybe we should keep this thread going and not flood the whole community. :)
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just curious...

Would UW revoke my acceptance (like a lot of colleges would) if I got a low enough grade in a given class during my senior year in high school?

Maybe i'm just being paranoid, but i'm a bit worried about this calculus class i'm taking right now. I don't think it's mathematically possible for me to actually fail it at this point, but if i totally bomb the final, i might get a C- or a D+ in the class...