February 27th, 2003


24-hour zine! - Students Producing Art and Music

A UW club I'm a part of, Students Producing Art and Music (SPAM), is hosting a "24 hour zine" project starting tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00 pm. I prefer the term "giant party with gluesticks", but, well, read what Brittain (the club's leader) has to say about it herself:

the low-downCollapse )

For info on where it's at (or, if you have any other questions, too!), just email Brittain at goodspam@u.washington.edu. Don't worry, it's within walking distance from campus.

Micah (SPAM webmaster)

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Does anyone know where I can find a free excel parser in php? I need to pull information off of some excel files and a parser would be really nice, but the only one I can find isn't free source. Thanks...