February 26th, 2003

Hollow Wrath

Since it hasn't really been mentioned in here yet (other than in a request for a Chess clock), I figured I might as well go ahead and do so. Sure, I'm not exactly the PR guy, and shit, I'm not even a UW student, but I am the musician/sound guy, so there. ;)

I'd just like to let everyone know that a new play titled Hollow Wrath is opening tonight at 7:30 PM in The Cabaret Theater (Hutchinson 205).

Here's a piece from the web site:
“Hollow Wrath” is an original play based on Homer’s “Iliad” that uses comic book super-heroes in place of the mythic legends of the past. The production will be in a similar vein to the Coen Brothers’ “O Brother, Where Art Thou,” with hints of Alan Moore’s “Watchmen.”

It's damn entertaining shit, so come see it!


has anyone ever taken either of theses classes?
Phys216: time and change
Anth 209: Anth visual media
I have to register tomorrow and I need one more class....something interesting.

Seattle Drivers!!

My sister sent me this today.. I found it funny being a daily Seattle driver... enjoy!

The 10 Commandments of Driving in Seattle

by Steele, SeattleSucks.com founder

1. The standard driving speed is 5 mph under the speed limit, except during periods of rain or snow, in which case the standard is 10 mph over the speed limit.

2. When merging on the freeway, drivers should activate their turn signal and frantically look over their shoulder while slowing. Under no circumstances should drivers speed up to match current traffic conditions. Bonus points for actually coming to a stop while on an onramp.

3. When approaching a green light, slow in case it turns yellow. Your best case scenario is to slowly continue through the light as it turns red with your brake lights on so traffic behind you is forced to stop.

4. Right of way at four way stops is determined by who makes eye contact first. Should the drivers make eye contact simultaneously, both should then creep forward while waving the other to go. If the right of way can still not be determined, both drivers should get out of their cars and ask the nearest pedestrian.

5. Use of the horn (a sound-making device activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel) is not allowed in the city of Seattle under any circumstances.

6. When confronted with the need to merge from a lane of fast moving traffic to a lane of traffic that has backed up, drivers should stay in their lane and drive to the very front of the backed-up lane (usually an exit), come to a complete stop, activate their signal, and wait for someone to let them in.

7. In the event a driver passes an accident or disabled vehicle, they should reduce their speed by 50% for the next 2 miles. In the event a driver encounters a police car, they should brake abruptly, reducing their speed from 5 mph under the speed limit to 15 mph under the limit.

8. Red lights are a great time to finish paperwork, make phone calls, drink coffee, etc. However, it is considered courteous to wrap things up when cars start pulling around you.

9. The preferred vehicle in Seattle is a Sports Utility Vehicle, ideally a BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes model. However, under no circumstances should these be used for anything other than hauling groceries home from the supermarket.

10. Avoid all public transportation, carpools and alternate ways of commuting. Elect public officials who study transportation options endlessly but build stadiums instantly. Gut transportation funding through initiatives and vote no on any tax increase or project. Complain endlessly.

To submit an essay for publication, send it to Steele. The only requirement is that it be Seattle-related. And no kiddie porn.

Essays accepted will be linked from the front of SeattleSucks.com and published on a separate page like this one as well as in the forum. Include your (fake) name and any other info you like mentioned.
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The House, Students, and Peer to Peer File sharing

I thought some of you might be curious to know what congress' plans are for all the delinquent p2p file traders on campus abusing state resources. ;)

(From Politech)


Congress targets P2P piracy on campus
By Declan McCullagh
February 26, 2003, 11:01 AM PT

Key politicians chided universities on Wednesday for not doing enough
to limit peer-to-peer piracy, calling unauthorized copying a federal
crime that should be punished appropriately.

Members of the House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees
copyright law said at a hearing that peer-to-peer piracy was a crime
under a 1997 federal law, but universities continued to treat
file-swapping as a minor infraction of campus disciplinary codes.

"If on your campus you had an assault and battery or a murder, you'd
go down to the district attorney's office and deal with it that way,"
said Rep. William Jenkins, R-Tenn.
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there seem to be a lot of "dead" spots for wireless in ougl. i seem to get the best signal when i'm on the 2nd floor. right now i'm downstairs and i only have 40%... and in some corners i can't even connect. sigh. it's a netgear card. should i put tinfoil on it? :-D
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(no subject)

.....Second, it will require the 330 students with more than 210 academic credits who have not filed for graduation to meet with a departmental adviser and form a plan stating how they will complete the degree requirements and how they will graduate. Students plans should seek graduation within two full academic quarters and must be approved by the dean of the college.....

Does anyone know any more about this? Because uh, I think I'm going to be one of those students come mid-next year with much more than two quarters of school left to go....Since all of the classes I need to take are sequential, it doesn't leave alot of room for condensation.

The Rest of the Article is Here
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