February 16th, 2003


Calling all chess fans

Does anyone here have or know know someone who has a chess clock they'd be willing to lend?

Im working on an upcoming UW show right now called "Hollow Wrath," which is a stage production based on Homer's Iliad that'll play at the end of the month. Right now, we're in dire need of a chess clock that we could use as a prop.


Holding a class

I know it seems insanely early to start doing this, but I just realized I probably *should* start planning how I'm gong to register for my classes now before it gets too late. I'd like to take Philosophy 242 (Medical Ethics) next quarter, but there are only 40 spaces for it and I'm afraid they're going to run out before I can register for it. Is anyone on here able to and willing to to hold the class for me until I can register for it on the 4th?? The class is held MWF, 9:30-10:50. If you're able to you could either reply on here or IM me on xkayceix. Thanks sooo much.