February 12th, 2003


Is the contruction worth it?

I was in SirPlus today. It's an army surplus store on the Ave, between 45th and 47th. They've got really good prices for most of their stuff. The owner was in there bitching to some city official over the phone while I was shopping. He complained that the current construction is costing him $200 a day. He hope to stay in business until March. After that he isn't sure what will happen as he currently isn't brining in enough to pay rent. He was especially upset he found out he mayor was visiting the UBookstore today from some Averat and not the city. Obviously he's a little upset. Sounded like he was planning to take the city to court for damages.

Anyone have comments on how other small, local business have faired during the construction? Honestly I'm not impressed with the change. Great, we have wider sidewalks and there'll be a few trees. Oh, and let me not forget those fancy light posts going up. About the only thing wider sidewalks do for me is, hopefully, give me some more room to get around the slow walkers. Sure, trees are nice, but its not like I can hang out on the ave to enjoy them. City law prohibits any sitting on University Way between specific hours. There also isn't a lot of cafes or business with an open porch on the Ave side that would allow me to take in the wonderful view the city has built.

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Is the construction on the Ave (University Way) a Good Thing?

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