January 31st, 2003


"Just the facts, Ma'am."

Today at work I mentioned to my coworker Rachel something about the upcoming deal with the credit card company, MBNA, to sell our contact information. She was so angry that, after emailing all her friends, she said she would go to the administrative building and ask to speak to someone. I offered to go with.

Meeting Dr. MorrisCollapse )

The short version:

What we give them:
The student directory databases (minus freshmen), updated for seven years.

What they give us:
$300,000/year for seven years, divided as follows:
- 50k/year to the UWAA for scholarships
- 125k/year to UWAA for student programs
- 125k/year to UW student affairs (Dr. Morris' department).

Restrictions on them:
- No telemarketing (direct mailing and email only).
- No information about freshmen (at least while they're still freshmen).
- Must sponsor credit education programs.
- Cannot give or sell our information to other parties.

Restrictions on us:
- Cannot allow students to opt-out while remaining in the directory.
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