January 28th, 2003


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Ahh...so I finally figured out how to post into this community. Not incredibly intuitive, but it works.

Curious question for you guys--does anyone still have one of the ASUW Vote for the Squirrels campaign logos from back in 2001?
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For fun and enjoyment, come over by the EE building/Guggenheim/(Aerospace Engineering Laboratory?)... there was a chemical spill apparently. They have guys in hazmat suits and kiddie pools! And firepeople! And unnecessarily rude police!

class standing

I'm currently a freshman, but I will end Winter quarter with 44.5 credits. They still have me down as freshman standing, therefore freshman pick for registering classes for the Spring quarter. I went to Mary Gates and talked to a not-so-helpful person at advising.

I know, I know, it was pure stupidity for me not to figure this out earlier (ie - when I could actually drop and add classes!). I guess I'll have to pay by getting shitty picks for courses AGAIN. But still, do you guys have any advice to what I can do to get another .5 credits?
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