January 22nd, 2003

chaos to order (ver 5.2)
  • jonah

U-Match v1.2 -- Meet people from your classes!


Hi everyone, I hope all your classes/midterms are going well!

Updates in v1.2

  • New Privacy Options -- In fear of becoming U-Stalk.net, we've added the option to hide your class schedule. Only people who are in the same class as you will be able to see your class and section letter.
  • Personal Counter! -- Each user details/profile page has its own counter so you can keep track of how many people have looked you up ;)
Don't forget that you can also upload images to your profile and write a short bio!

Anyway, I hope everyone is finding this is a useful tool. Please spread the word so we can get more students signed up. And as always, your comments, suggestions, questions, and concerns are welcomed.