January 21st, 2003

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Welcome! You have been registered in your university/college ELMS
for MSDNAA online software system. Here you can download and
access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and
platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long
as you are an eligible user in the System.

Anyone else get this same e-mail? It continues with a website address and a password for me. It allows me to download Win XP Pro, Visual Studio, Visio 2002, and about 20 other MS programs for FREE. Is this new or was I just out of the loop before?

This is the main page http://msdn.e-academy.com/washington_cs/
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I don't understand people who go to class, and sit in the 2nd row back from the lecturing prof, and read out of some non-class related book the entire time with intermittent chats to his neighbor about random crap that I don't want to hear about. If you are going to come to class and be so disrupting that when I sit next to you, I can't hear everything the prof says, sit in the freakin back row!!!
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rainy day, how i love thee
today i splashed through puddles with glee
across red square
with my perfect hair
and then i slipped and hurt my knee

oh gee, oh my, what a shame
but at least i still had my perfect mane
skateboarders with their cam
they should've recorded me... damn!
even though i did something really lame