January 7th, 2003

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To encourage everyone to keep their minds open this quarter and get the most out of your thousands of dollars, I offer a quote from Melissa P. Upton, M.D. She wrote this email to a professor here at UW regarding a website that allows students to anonymously criticize their professors' attempts to get the students to read diverse texts and expose them to unpopular or downright offensive viewpoints. Her response, which I admit is scathing, is quite forceful and well-worth considering as we all progress in our college experience. It's also incredibly well-put.

    Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of education. I thought education was intended to lead us out of our old ways of thinking, and that the very essence of education was to challenge any and all of our basic assumptions. Perhaps we should write a statement of informed consent to be signed by all entering students, in which they agree to consider perspectives from all points of view as the very process integral to learning. We should promise them the experience of feeling acute discomfort and intense psychological distress at periodic challenges to the belief systems with which they entered the University, as well as promising the opportunity to develop a stronger intellectual immune system through the acquisition and application of rigorous analytical tools, available if they engage in intellectual inquiry, study, and dialogue.
I would submit, too, that Dr. Upton is obviously familiar with the Latin root of "education" which is the verb "educo": to lead out, draw up, bring up, or rear. So if you don't care for her definition of education, well, that's where it comes from. You can't really argue with that. :-)


Today I was standing in Red Square, talking with some friends... and a bird flew by and crapped on me.

How rude, really.
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advice from engineering majors

hello everybody, i haven't really introduced myself to this lovely community since i joined a while back. i'm currently at a two-year college, with the plan to transfer to uw in two years. i'm looking into enrolling into the engineering college, majoring specifically in bioengineering.

i have a few questions for people who are going to major, are currently majoring, or have majored in engineering, more suitably, bioengineering.
*just as a disclaimer, i know i can get this information from the uw websites and other sources, but i would like student experience opinion, too. so, without much further ado,

1. what's the typical gpa range to get into the engineering college? the website said anything above a 2.5 but seriously, i don't think they look very highly on 2.5 gpas.

2. what are the professors like? do they challenge you? are they approachable?

3. how big are classes? i would be going in as a junior, with an AS degree, so i think i might be starting with 300-level classes. also, what's the ratio of male to female students? the male-female things isn't really a big deal, but just out of curiousity's sake.

4. this is probably more for those who have already graduated...on the average, what is the percentage of students who find internships or jobs during those two years and after graduation? what companies do you work for? especially for internships, like during the summer.

thanks in advance. :o)


If anyone out there needs/wants a job for the quarter the Instructional Center is in need of Computer Science tutors. Pay is hourly DOE. All that is required is a 3.0 in cse142/143, and if you took them in c++ you need to have an understanding of java.

Anyone interested can apply at the IC directly, or contact me(josh_ritter@hotmail.com) and I can answer any questions that you might have.

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Finally figured it out

So hi. I've been reading this thing for 3 months now, but I could never understand how to post on this. I even had a question at one time, but I forgot it. Thanks to Turdfergeson, I can now be posting away. One thing I learned about registering for classes, do not sign up for anything, even if you are a freshmen and have no priority. I signed up for Euro 112, which is the continuation of Euro 111, Fundamentals of oral and written Greek. I don't know a drop of Greek and I showed up to the 2 hour TTH class today and booked it as soon as I saw that 1. everyone knew everyone from last quarter, and 2. everyone knew greek and the teacher was greek and he was speaking greek to other people. Thankfully I finally had enough credits and I dropped the class as soon as I got to the nearest computer. Aren't you glad I posted all that?
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