January 4th, 2003

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I feel like a moron for coming back early just to find everything but the dorms closed. Is there any open food on campus? If not, how long am I going to have to survive on my 2-liter Coke and my roommate's month-old pretzels?
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BETA VERSION 1.0 is up for people to start using.

jonah was an animal and wrote this all up in one day and he did a great job. There could be some problems, so please post any problems under this post.

Also if you see any ideas for the page, please feel free to give them here too. As you will notice this is no longer only a LJ thing, now any UW student can join. So tell your friends!

I am already in the process of getting a UW club going for this, so it can have its own UW server space.

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