Jennifer Galactica (habituallydaft) wrote in uw,
Jennifer Galactica

I am one of those.... (eta hurried phone post english on my 15 ft...l)

I am among this who have not paid any of their student loan payments since graduation. Or should I say since the 6 month grand e period has lapsed. Instead of going out and getting a salary job (with my ANTH BA) I went adventuring Instead. When I graduated I was 22 and still had never been on an airplane. I have finally decided Enoch with the sillyness of being away from Seattle and now have steady employment. Eventhough it's not that much I think I will be able to throw some money at my loans.

I have roughly a 13,500 in loan principle amounts and 400 in outstanding interest. Considering how much I owe vs the fact I got a 4 year degree (in 5 years) I'm not too freaked at the amount. 8,000 of it is one Perkins loan that apparently has no interest rate???? The doesn't have an interest amount owed for it. Almost 6,000 of the principle is made up of three direct sub staffard loans, which have accured almost 400.

I am going to call the 1-800 number tonight to get info on what I need to do. I've not got anything in the mail from them at my address that is current with the uw. I think it all goes to mydads old house at which my sister lives but I don't get down there too often.

I just have no idea what questions I should ask? I know I want to I quite about how to pay off the principle and not the interest, like pay off the interest last. But that's it. What key words should I look up? What about consolidation should I Inquire about. I do t want to go into the Convo blind and I don't really have the time to go to schmitz
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