December 17th, 2002



Does anyone happen to know if the newsstand in By George is open during finals week?

I forgot I needed to pick up a green book for a test tomor- er...this, morning. =\
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New UW Page Update

I wrote to the webpage people last night voicing my negative opinion about the new design, I was just written back with some interesting stuff...

"Have you clicked on the "For Faculty/Staff/Students" linkat the bottom of the list on the upper right. If you have you will know that many of the features you are used to seeing on the old UW Home Page are still available, including the webcam, the weather information, student information, and the news"

Which that link is really the old webpage...

"The page is now the UW page for people interested in the UW but who are (I think they meant to put NOT here) currently attending or working here - our 'face on the world".

The page you reach by clicking on the "For Faculty/Staff/Students" is for people already at the UW. The old page was separated into two pages because it was difficult to address the needs of people interested in the UW when so much stuff for people already here took up most of the space."

So, besides the few grammar mistakes, that is more understandable I guess, but I still think it is not the best looking site in the world!
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Email Service Outage on Dec 20th

I just got this email from

Between the hours of 7am and 4pm Friday Dec 20, the computer which stores your email INBOX and folders will be replaced with a new, more powerful server. We recommend that you avoid using email
during this period.

During this period:
* you will not be able to read messages in your INBOX or folders;
* sending email will fail if a copy is being saved to your folder;
* incoming messages will be delayed;
* mail addressed to you will arrive soon after service is restored.

We apologize for the inconvenience and short notice. (We realize that some will only see this after the fact.) We will make this service interruption as short as possible.

Note that this temporary interruption to service will not affect everyone at the same time. Some servers will work while others undergo maintenance, then others will be taken off line.

C&C Client Services

Powerful server = good
Delayed emails = blah... :)