December 9th, 2002

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it's been done before, i know...
but my 21st birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and i want to know where the best clubs to go are...

here's what we want:
-good drinks (cheap and/or low cover would be a bonus too)
-cute guys
-good music (top 40/rap/techno/etc)

to give you an idea, i am your avg. sorority girl. so... no goth clubs, G/L clubs, etc.
I go to school in AZ but am from WA so I will be in Seattle for my 21st, but I haven't paid much attention to clubs at home, so I could use input.

location isn't that important, but somewhere south of everett is preferred, we are coming from the tacoma area.

thanks everyone, and good luck with finals!

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Question for any php coders out there:
I have a form, and I want to make a link, so that when clicked on, opens up my php page, and i have access to any values in the form. Doing this with a submit button is easy. I can't seem to get it to work with a link though. Can anyone help? Any help would be appreciated.
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chaos to order (ver 5.2)
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What is this, high school?

Okay, I don't know who the sick mofo is who's throwing oranges off the top of Hansee, but if I ever find you I'm gonna KICK YOUR ASS! A person was hiding in the dark somewhere trying to snipe me with an orange as I was walking to the main entrance... grrr, can you believe this, I almost got my ass nailed by a freaking orange.
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Hey guys. I'm in search of a couch/loveseat for one of my residents who just recently moved out of the Plymouth House. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Plymouth House, it is a transition home for people who have mental illness that are leaving Harborview and starting a life again. Most of the people at the house have been homeless at one time or another and are in need of items what we take for granted.

If anyone can please donate or sell a couch to us for a Christmas gift, I would be eternally grateful. Also if you have clothes you would be willing to donate it would be very helpful also. We are in need of women clothes since I've already donated the last 3 clothing lines from Banana Republic, Gap and Structure that I had in my closest at home :).

If anyone is interested in ever visiting the house for dinner or just a random visit, please feel free to email me or reply to this post. We also have an open kitchen on Fridays for people from the community to cook if anyone would be interested in that.

Thanks for you time,

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Quan Minh Dau

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OK, that new Vern Fonk commercial really takes the cake.

He says Merry Christmas/Ramadan/Chaukah in all of these strange voices. It appears that his family is in on it too. Ahhh!
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