December 4th, 2002

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Wanted: Tenants -- Reward: $100

Wanted: Tenants
Reward: $100
(No Kidding)

Two-bedroom apartment available for rent

Why a Reward?
Current tenants must move out due to early graduation, but we need to find replacements. If you move in by January 1, you will receive $100 cash from the current tenants. If you refer this flier to a friend and they move in by January 1, you will receive $50 cash from the current tenants. No joke. Our lucky break is your lucky break.

Here is the skinny:
* Two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment with living room, kitchen, dining nook, four closets and a pantry.

* Walking distance to campus, major bus, University Village as well as restaurants, retail shops, pizzerias and fast food.

* Heat, water and garbage included with rent. Electricity so minimal, it surprised us.

* Private entrance on second floor overlooks landscaped courtyard and lawn. It feels like you own front lawn without having to mow it.

* Responsive on-site building manager couple. When our sink clogged, the manager hired a plumber to fix our clogged sink immediately and paid for it. Very considerate.

* Private parking available and ample street parking for your guests

* And more: dishwasher, garbage disposal

* Rent, which includes heat, water and garbage, is $1025 per month.

* Available: Sunday, December 22

Interested? Call Jenny or Marci at 206-985-9891.
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i was wondering if anyone has an extra business calculator that they're not using at the moment...anyone? could i borrow it, please? :)
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Two consecutive dryer runs (one hour each) =/= moist clothes.

But in McCarty Hall, the land where laundry mathematics do not apply, this stands true. Why can't HFS replace or maintain these things?

I wasted over a buck. Grrr.
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