December 3rd, 2002

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I don't know if anyone knows about this (I forgot where I first heard of it), but it is cool and really useful. It is a site/program that people at the UW have created that tells you "real time" how long it will be until a certain bus gets to a certain stop.

It uses some sort of funky math and the Metro's own system to determine this and for the past 2+ years I have been using it, it is within 1min.

It is very helpful to look on to see if your bus is running late, so you don't have to be standing at the bus stop for 20min waiting for it! You can even have it on your cellphone or Palm. Great stuff!

They also have Bus View which lets you see where buses are real time. Check out their other projects too, they have some pretty cool stuff that not that many people probably know about!
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