December 2nd, 2002


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Dear Anybody Who is Registered for the 1030 Spanish 103 Class,

Please drop this class now if you don't plan on being in it. Better yet, just drop it anyway so I can get in. Barring that, please get your friends in any of the THREE 1230 classes to drop. This Second Quarter Registration thing is pure bullsh*t.

Die die die.

Your friend,
So, even though I'm an upperclassman, during period one I was unable to register for the Spanish I tested into because I was not currently registered for Spanish 102. Right. See, that's why I took the test -- to skip all that. I would've happily taken Spanish 110 (the only one hundred level Spanish course for which upperclassmen can register BEFORE period two), but my dumb ass went ahead and got too many questions right on the freaking exam. Damnit. Being punished for being A) an upperclassman, and B) not a complete idiot is awesome. Man, I need this class for a teaching endorsement and there are "NO OVERLOADS." Feh.
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Dude... what's up with the shorts people? Haven't we been over this a million times? I have like, 3 layers on and I'm still shivering me timbers. Damn you people are brave.. I don't have the balls. Well.. technically.. nevermind.
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I will pay $50 for a ticket to the Thursday, December 5th, and/or Friday, December 6th Pearl Jam shows at the Showbox.

I've never been to a pj show, and I really want to see them in a small venue.