November 21st, 2002


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is anyone else prone to insomnia-motivated contemplative walks around the UW campus at odd hours of the night/morning?
Or is it just me?

Either way, they're very relaxing.

Fog is cool.
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Tired of the dorms? U. District Apartment

I'm sure someone out there has a housing need for their Mid-winter holiday.

Here's the skinny:
Two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment quiet building located within blocks of University Village, Univ. of Washington campus and major bus routes.
5107 24th Avenue NE, Village Green
Living room, dining nook and kitchen with dishwasher, garbage disposal. Private parking available.
Rent is $1025 per month, includes heat! Available Saturday, Dec. 21.
Private entrance on second floor overlooks well-kept courtyard of grass and shrubs. Feels like my own front lawn without having to mow it.
Building manager couple lives on site and is VERY responsive. We had the sink clog up once; the landlord hired a plumber to fix it that day and paid for it!


Thanks, Jenny Z o

Print out of Husky Card account?

Does anyone know if there's a way to get a print out of the money spent on your Husky Card?
I swear mine doesn't add up and I want to know where the money is going!
How do we know what they are charging us when we use it for food or whatever?
They could mess up and put in another number and we would never know~!
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