October 22nd, 2002

  • jameth

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where is the cheapest place on campus to purchase a 20oz bottle of water? the prices are different everywhere.

p.s. is this a coke-only campus? i can't seem to get away from dasani... blech. aquafina, plz. mk thx.
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(no subject)


i'm thinking about taking a design or programming class. i'm starting to learn html and dreamweaver now and i think the geek in me actually enjoys it. so, i'm wondering, besides cse 142, what other classes are offered by the uw in that area?

...and for those of you who've taken it, good things, bad things about the class and especially good/bad teachers. there are a ton of sections with quite a few teachers so i dont want to get stuck with the bad egg. anyway, any feedback you guys have would be fantastic! thank you! :)