October 11th, 2002

interested in PHARMACY SCHOOL?

Or are you curious to know more about the pharmacy profession?
Come check out the First Pre-Pharmacy General Meeting this year,
October 14, 2002 @ 4pm in Lander Hall, room L134 (conference room).
Hope to see you there!

Questions? Email us: prepharm@u.washington.edu
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I get updates from my major department all the time, and usually they are totally boring and useless. I happened to scan the newest one ("Humanities Calendar of Events") and saw this:

"Sex and Space: Outlaw Territories," Cindy Patton (Interdisciplinary Studies, Emory Univ.). 7 PM, Communications 226.

Even better, in the descriptions, there is this notation: NOTE: A workshop on this topic will be held the following day.

The Hell?