October 5th, 2002


Potential Student Seeks Advice, Film At Eleven...

I hope this isn't out of line, but I'm considering applying to UW for graduate school, in Communications. If any of you have any knowledge of what the department is like, or the faculty, or anything I should keep in mind or watch out for, please drop me a comment and let me know? Apologies for not forming a more specific question; I'm a little scattered at the moment, and I may come up with something more directed later. For the time being, though, anything anyone can tell me would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Shia PJ chibi

UW limited bandwidth???

Does anyone get more than let's say 3KB/s on Kazaa, Winmx and etc? usually I can barely get 1 KB/sec(including sending) per file, and so are other people i know. so I'm suspecting UW limited bandwidth on those programs(limiting bandwidth on ports?)... anyone else experience same and know how to fix it? or do we have to make petition or something? =d

and anyone else experiencing instability of network? it's hella unstable compare to last year...
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