October 1st, 2002

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  • dpb

NO WAR? Then What?

Have you all noticed the NO WAR stickers, chalk, and spray paint all over campus?

I for one am all for people being able to voice their opinion, but to spray paint on buildings, come on, that really hurts your argument...

Anyhow, being a Political Scientist, I have really wanted to talk to one of these people who like to put all this NO WAR stuff up. I want to know what do they see as a reasonable alternative to war? (You know in actuality we have officially been in a war since WW2...but everyone loves to call them wars)

Sure I would LOVE to see the world where there is no war, but what about in the situation of Hitler? Should we have just talked to him and put trade sanctions on him and that will solve the problem? Or should we just all fall under his power? War is not a happy solution, the only great things about war is it increasing a nation's unity and economy (if the nation is winning), but that is not worth the death and pain.... but what else can you do?

I don't know, maybe I haven't thought of it hard enough, but in some cases, war is the lesser of two evils, either kill or be killed. Some wars are dumb and really serve little purpose, other than economic or political gain.

So what do you think? To this date I have not heard of a good alternative to going to war in situations like 9-11 and Hitler...
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I found out (the hard way) that the 31 and the 74 stop at about 7:30pm. I could have taken the 44 and walked a bit, but I didn't realize that. It's cold outside. I feel so dumb and numb.