September 29th, 2002


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A year or two ago, someone from the UW told me about a service called "UW Neo" ... now, I looked up this site (, and it appears to be down. Basically, from what I was told, it was a service through which one could search all of the shared hard drives on the UW network for specific files. Does anything like this still exist?
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For anyone else when they try to log in to MYUW get's re- routed to the ask jeeves webpage? I can't log in because of it nor even look at the U bookstore website! Thanks!
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Tomorrow is our first day. Good luck to everyone.
Also, Schedule Match has been all updated and there are 19 maches. Go check it out and e-mail or comment on the people taking the same classes as you.

Sadly I spent all this time on it and I have no matches!