September 24th, 2002

UW housing

UW housing is such a bitch :( I applied for housing early May (however after the May 1 deadline- stupid me) and since I live on the eastside I'm on like Priority 4 and I won't get housing until maybe a coule weeks into autumn quarter. I called up the UW housing ppl like once a week and was passive aggressive, aggressive aggressive but no nothing worked :(


is anyone else in this situation?
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is anyone here in a sorority? and can tell me about their sorority and if they are doing informal rush this year? I'm thinking of doing cob, but I'm not sure yet. i didn't get a chance ot do formal rush :( but oh well, the rape thing was way scary- I wuld have been freaked had I been on Greek Row that night.
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Bad News

Thankyou to everyone who gave me advice and info about tuition and such. I went over to UW today and it turns out that I don't qualify for resident tuition afterall due to the type of visa I have. Non-resident tuition is over 3 times as much and there is no way I can afford that, even on a part time basis.

I guess I'm doomed to be an uneducated housewife afterall!
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LJ UW Schedule Match pt2

For those who missed it the first time and for those of you new to the community, here is your chance to see if other LJ-people have the same UW class as you.

CLICK HERE to read more about it and to sign up.

If you have already signed up, take a look at the site and make sure I have your info correct. Since I have been out of town for a while and the computer I am using doesn't like SSH, I can't update the site right now. I have about 5 people currently who I need to add, so if you aren't on there by the weekend, let me know!

Already have 10 matches with only 34 people respones...with 272 members and 131 people watching, we could easily see a lot more matches if more people respond!
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