September 23rd, 2002


Am I still able to buy the correctly sized sheets from UW? Are they sold elsewhere? Personally I wouldn't mind so terribly using an unfitted sheet (I can do military corners!), but if I can get the fitted ones, I will.

That said, do you want a math tutor? I want your money. Lets make a deal.
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Admissions Office

I am planning on driving over to UW tomorrow to visit the admissions office and speak to them about applying for the spring quarter. Could someone please tell me where the admissions office is located? An exact address would be good if possible so that I can look it up on Mapquest.

A friend of mine wants to know about the UW admissions index

It seems to me that the thing to do then is to compile a bit of data and see if I can model it, in order to tell him roughly what his admissions index will be. What I am asking for is the high school GPA, the SAT score and the admissions index, assuming you know all three. If you don't know all three, I can't really use the information. If you don't want people to know about that, just comment and delete your comment, I'll get notification by email.
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