September 20th, 2002

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this saturday

Here's an event my internship has had me do some stuff with.

Justice for ALL: The Aftermath of September 11

A Public Hearing

Saturday, September 21, 2002

10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Doors open at 10 am


1119 - 8th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101

(8th and Seneca)

FREE and open to the public

After a year of silence, Sikh, Muslim, East African,
Arab American, Japanese American, South Asian and
Latino communities will come together at an historic
public hearing this month, standing in solidarity
against the intolerance, discrimination and
harassment they have experienced in this country
since September 11. They will be telling their
stories to a panel of elected and public officials
moderated by Justice Charles Z. Smith. Invited
Commissioners (panelists) include Washington's
Governor and Attorney General, Senators Cantwell and
Murray and Representatives Dunn, Larsen, Dicks, and
Inslee as well as US Assistant Attorney General for
Civil Rights Ralph Boyd.

All across the country acts of intolerance and
discrimination have eroded our sense of community.
Physical and verbal attacks on those who 'look Arab'
are three times what they were a year ago. State
and federal agencies and law enforcement have
increased the pressure on our communities by
implementing discriminatory and anti-immigrant
legislation, and by harassing, detaining and
deporting large numbers of innocent people.

These attacks on immigrants, refugees and people of
color are particularly disturbing because they have
created a climate of fear. They affect whole
communities in a fundamental way because they
undermine the ideals of tolerance, religious
freedom, diversity and equal treatment that inspired
us to become members of American society. These
attacks send a message not only to the individual
victim, but to all members of the victim's
community. This hearing, the only one of its kind,
is designed to tell the world our stories, show our
unity, and demonstrate the support of our friends
from non-affected communities.

We invite you to join Hate Free Zone, Arab American
Community Coalition, Japanese American Citizens
League, The Sikh Coalition, Somali Society Services,
and many other community organizations for an
historic event. We invite you to show your support
for targeted members of our communities by filling
Town Hall for this landmark event!

Please circulate, tell your friends and colleagues,
and post notices.
For more information or to help, email or call (206) 723-2203