September 9th, 2002

  • mejjh

orchestral groups

Do you guys know of any orchestral groups at UW other than the University Symphony? I play the violin. I would join the symphony, but the time commitment is too much, so I'm looking for some alternatives. Tell me if you know of any music groups for string players!

Campus (or non-campus) Jobs

I'm sick of my crappy job, does anyone have any good info about jobs at the UW? The career web site seems bare right now and the daily always has too many applicants even when it is going daily. I'd prefer something that has decent pay, doesn't involve taking money for scantrons or candy bars, and won't look too horrible on a resume, but I'm getting kind of desperate! =(

I'm sure others are looking for jobs too now that school's starting up again so you can post about whatever jobs here if you know of any, even if they don't match my very very very high standards. Thanks for any leads..
  • aseli

gah STRESS!!

hmm well im a freshie at uw this year...and im in haggett where there seems to be a common piece of advice- bring powerstrips and extension cords! haha im on that...anything else of useful note i could know about?

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